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Ann C. McMillan Annís Ann's Living Prayer Journal Annís

The King James Bible

God Loves you!! John 3:16

I heard my name called from a stranger
A voice from nowhere it seemed
I looked around but saw no one
Oh perhaps just something I dreamed

But again and again He kept calling
I could hear His voice in the night
Saying, light your lamps and be ready
I can only stop where there's light

Why do you keep after me mister?
I am lonely enough when I am home
I need all my friends here around me
Why don't you just leave me alone?

But this voice I heard now so clearly
His words like fire to me hurled
They burned in my heart as He spoke them
I Am the light of the world

What do you mean, I said minster?
I have heard of this God that is to be
But my voice stopped, and I listened
As this voice said, I Am He

The hour cometh, and now is
That My Father-s Will must be done
The time draws nigh and He is coming
For the ones that believe on His Son

Do you think I can pass without calling?
His voice was now gentle and sweet
And my heart seemed lighter, and somehow
I did not feel so lonely and beat

My own voice seemed to be different
And I wept as I talked to this man
O please; don't leave me now mister
You're the only one to understand

I felt this mans gentle caress now
The warmth of His Love around me
I believed as I heard His voice saying
I will never forsake, nor leave thee

Do you, know this man Jesus?
He made the Earth, the Stars, and the Moon
He is bigger than all earth or heaven
He is our King that is coming back soon.

I Watch and Pray
Each day and night
and try to keep
my Heart upright

I give my life
to Him each day
as I walk along with him
His way.

July 2011

Lord; I just want to thank you
Again for this past year
I know I have said it many times
And you were always near

But Lord, I want to thank you
For all the things you've done
You have Kept me sheltered under
your wings
By the love of a merciful Son.
You have lifted me up in the palm
of your hand
Your touch eased the burden away
And I just want to thank you
Before another day.

And Lord; I want to thank you
For your cross again today
For your precious blood you shed
for me
For the price you had to pay.

And Lord, if you should tarry
I would like to kneel once more
At the altar of your precious cross
And thank you ora and ora

If it is your will to come Lord
By your mercy, love and grace
Instead of the cross, I will
touch your hand
And thank you face to face

The Time of Our Lives

How often have we heard people say? - I am having the time of my life. -

They do no realize jus how true this statement is because this is the time of our life.

There will never be another time period in this world or the world to come. After we leave this world and time it will be Eternity.

Wherever we choose to go (and it is our choice) it will be for ever and ever.

An eternal life with Jesus our Lord or an eternal hell with Satan.

The time we are having now is all we have left to get ready to meet Jesus.

We are having the time of our life and the world doesnít even know or realize it.

A line will be drawn. The Books will be opened. The records will be Searched. Man will be judged as to:

His Actions
His Intentions
His beliefs
His Imaginations
His words
His Principles
His Attitude- Toward God and His SonĒ
His Purpose

The Bible

It is Supernatural in Origin
Eternal in Duration
Inexpressible in value
Infinite in Scope (Endless or limitless in its Purpose or goal)
Regenerative in Power (gives new live)
Infallible in Authority
Universal in Interest
Personal in Application
Inspired in Totality

Read it through, Write it down, Pray it in, Work it out, and then, Pass it on.