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Baseball With a Pocket Knife

The game is played with a standard two blade pocket knife, a large and small blade. The large blade is folded half way perpendicular to the knife body. The small blade is folded straight out in the normal cutting position.

A playing surface is needed and an ideal one was the front porch steps, a nice wooden surface. Of course it does cause wear and tear on the step and a good tongue lashing or worse from Mom or God forbid Pap. The game is best played while listening to the Pirates play ball!!

The rules of the game are simple, there are no strikes or balls just hits and outs but you can get a walk.

The big blade of the knife is set in the playing surface with the index finger under the end of the body. The knife is then flipped and the game is on.

If the knife falls over that is an out, three outs and the inning is over.

If the knife lands with the big blade and end of knife touching the playing field that is a single.


If the knife lands with the big blade in the playing surface and the end and little blade not touching , that's a double.


Landing with the big blade and little blade touching the surface, that's a triple.


If it lands with the little blade in the surface and big bade and body not touching, as Rosy Rosewell used to say "Open the windows aunt Minnie, here she comes" it's a home run.

home run

A walk is in order if the knife lands on its back with the blades up.

The game ends traditionally in nine innings or rain, eating time, chores, or the Pirate game ends. Play all alone or with the gang but most of all play because it is Baseball.

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