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Murph the Crab and The Constitution

The Constitutiom

Murph's Editorial comments

No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is of me, saith the Lord.” Isaiah, 54:17

In his book THE AMERICAN SPIRIT ***The Principles Underlying The Constitution, Emmet Fox, vividly expresses why we should ever be vigilant of any force that threatens our Constitution. “The United States is not merely one more nation added to the list of nationalities. It stands for certain special ideas and special principles which have never been definitely expressed in concrete form in the world before. These ideas may be summed up in the conception of personal freedom and unlimited opportunity.”

No one individual or group of individuals will be able to take our personal freedom away from us unless We the People allow it. Little by little the common man’s feedoms are being taken away under the guise of the common good. It is so subtle it is frightening and at times it is not so subtle. Health, the Children, gun control, Church and State, freedom of choice, are all good and noble causes that are being used to threaten our basic rights.

Emmit Fox again - “The American Constitution then, would be unworkable unless the people were self-reliant, self-determined, and resourceful. There are nations who do not care for these things and do not possess them. I suppose we all have our favorite virtues. My own are self-reliance, initiative, resourcefulness, courage. I like these things better than anything else; but there are people who do not, and there are nations which do not. There are nations, for example, whose people like to be directed and ordered about, who like to be led everywhere and told what to do, and where and when to do it. Such people can do great things in the world through mass action, but they could not work such a constitution as ours. This Constitution calls for people who prefer to take care of themselves. It is intended for the kind of men and women who desire to manage their own lives, and take their own risks, and fend for themselves, and be personally independent-- and these very things are just the outstanding characteristics of the majority of American people.”

More and more we are being told we can not take care of ourselves, seat belts, helmets, own a gun, smoke, see a XXX movie, bring up our children, discipline our children, pray in school, there is one that says it takes a Village to do these things. I personally do not want to drive without a seat belt but I should have the choice, I do not smoke, drink, or run around with interns but I should have that liberty if I am willing to pay the price and be responsible. We get into trouble and we cry out to GOD and ask Where is he? Maybe he is resting from His work and has given us the Constitution and His WORD to use, cherish and protect.

The    sadist    day    in    Murphs    life

August 16, 1999 I received my first Social Security deposit and all my life believes in what system of Government I was living in, dawned upon me. All those years of working, serving, and voting were a failure. Thinking all those years that I was working for a free independent existence that I was creating by being loyal, diligent, and faithful. I find myself in a dependent system, in the greatest Socialist program that has ever existed. Depending upon those who are not even born to support my family and me in a government run by bureaucrats out only for their own gain. What ever happened to my dreams of pursuing life, liberty, and justice. Now to find even my medical prescriptions may be dolled out by the those that have leached of the system all their lives. My doctor determined by some mindless bureaucrat. My savings taxed and re-taxed and then told when and how much I can take out of those savings. Is all hope lost for a free existence envisioned by our founders? No, the answer comes pounding back, join those who demand more, and more, and more of the system, load more and more logs onto the wagon until it breaks. Communism fell and Socialism is bankrupt and corrupted. Those Socialist programs that sap our freedoms and liberty will also fall.

January 2000
My voice is probably like the one who “cried in the Wilderness” and was not heard but here goes anyway. Our Imperial President and his wana-be Imperial Senator wife once again are going to promise us “cake” while they take away our jewels, the Constitution. All the promises that continually takes our money and will eventually try to take away our dignity, pride, and freedom. Oh it sounds so good free Prescription drugs, free this and free that but in the meantime we are like sheep, being sheered. The sad part of it is that the vast majority of us are already under their control cowered depending on their Social programs and magnanimous generosity. They will take your money for fifty years. Then deny it back to you with their fraudulent system, maybe a strong word, but I know an incompetent bureaucratic system, run by those who do not understand their own rules and regulations. If they do understand, then it is fraudulent. I am so thankful to my Creator who gave me the wisdom to provide for myself and be wary of those who make promises and use high places of authority for their own gains. My heart goes out to the young people who are being led and duped by an elderly generation that are out only for their own gains. They say our children, our children and then demand and take, take, and take again. Young people take back your freedom and independence, Vote for control of your freedom, money and future. Do not let a Socialist system control your life promise you “cake” and give you a “serpent” in return. Oh God for a generation of people who once again will cry for “Give me Liberty or give me death”.
Big Brother in action!


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