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If you are looking for a way to increase traffic to your website with minimal effort ABSOLUTELY FREE where you don't trade away two visitors for one display elsewhere, you've come to the right place. Join the thousands of webmasters who have participated and in a short period of time watched their site visits begin to SOAR!! Some Banner Explode members have recently reported over 20,000 unique impressions (visitor count excluding reloads) a day average or more in a few short months after implementing Banner Explode to their web sites.

One webmaster from Arkansas received an average of 15, 000 visits per day to his personal music home page. Another webmaster from South Carolina averaged 22,000 visits per day over a months span to his Free Links Page. Free Links pages produce the greatest results because they are mostly visited by webmasters looking to advertise their site (as they discover Banner Explode, they take a copy of it, including your banner with them to their own site because of the system's unique design). A florist in Toronto increased their sales by 200% in 3 months time after joining the Banner Explode System.

The System is very simple and requires much less time than most methods of promotion which is why it produces such great results. This is free and open to all sites profit or not. In a few months you can have your banner displayed on as many as 50,000 web sites or more each and every minute of each and every day. There are no 2 to 1 ratios or random banner displays, only pure exposure and pure hits-24/7. Some webmasters have reported that after a month or two they had little time to promote, but their Banner Explode continued to gain momentum.

Here's How It Works:

You simply display the 4 sponsorship banners seen below on your site's links page from this Banner Explode page you will save to your site. Then on your Banner Explode page, place your banner in first position, moving the next 3 down one position and removing the 4th banner. Then you share this page with your eager visitors who will carry your banner to place on their sites' link pages also adding their banner and moving you to the 2nd position on their Banner Explode page. You will always be in 2nd position on your first generation visitors' Banner Explode and 1st on their links pages. You will always be in 3rd position on second generation visitors' Banner Explode and 2nd on their links pages. And always in 4th position on 3rd generation visitors' Banner Explode and 3rd on their links pages. You will be dropped off the list on 4th generation visitors' Banner Explode and 4th on their links pages. And mean time while new visitors visit your Banner Explode, the cycle continues. It just keeps growing expotentially with minimal effort on your part. Ofcoarse, it will grow even faster if you take a little time to promote with your Banner Explode banner to 'free for all' sites or bbs's or even guest books.

Once you begin to realize the power of this system, you will begin to concentrate all your promotion efforts on your Banner Explode page because for every new visitor that copies your Banner Explode to their site and copies the banners to their links pages with your banner on it, it's one more growing branch on your promotion tree which is spreading your web site banner from site to site like wildfire.  


Here's Where It Gets Totally Awesome:

Many webmasters will visit your site and copy your Banner Explode. Taking your banner with them and placing it to second position on Banner Explode and first position on their links page. Webmasters who visit their sites will do the same. By the time your banner rotates thru 4 positions you can be on as many as 50, 000 sites or more in a few months. Let's demonstrate: assume only 15 webmasters visit your site and copy your Banner Explode.(This number can be much larger, especially if you're the webmaster of a free-for-all links page or you actively promote Banner Explode, but let's keep this example simple). Let's also assume each of those 15 web pages are also visited by 15 webmasters who join. The network continues until your banner cycles through 4 positions.

The Result is: 15x15x15x15=50,625. Your Banner is Displayed at 50,625 sites-24 hours a day!

Now, if you spend some time promoting your Banner Explode and contact some webmasters who seem to be aggressive in promotion and share this awesome program with them and they do the same, it could be: 30x30x30x30=810,000 etc. Why stop there? It is totally expotential. The more it grows, the more it grows. Every webmaster that gets excited about this program is also promoting you. And your banner stays on all the sites it has been placed on - 24/7.

There you have it. It's Free, It's Relatively Quick, It's Relatively Easy, It's Fun and it Produces Amazing Results over and over again!!



1. Use your browser and copy the source of this document. With Internet Explorer, you can right click on this page on a blank area and select 'view source' or from the top menu bar click 'View' and select 'source'. This will open notepad with the html source code of this page. Save it on your computer to the directory where you save your website as explode.htm . Also save the 'Banner Explode' banner graphic to the same directory as explode.gif .

To copy the Banner Explode banner image (explode.gif), right click on the banner and select 'save picture as' or click here to place it in your browser and select 'file|save as' from the menu bar. Then save it to your computer in the same directory as explode.htm . We highly recommend these 2 files end up in the same directory on your web server as your highest traffic web page is. You will be linking from your high traffic page to your Banner Explode page.

If you don't construct your own web site pages, you can save the explode.htm page and explode.gif graphic and pass them along to who ever designs your site.

Banner Explode-The expotential free banner exchange
Free Banner Explode-can put your banner on over 50,000 sites daily

2. Copy the HTML code of the four sponsorship banners in this document's source code onto your Link Page or your Main Page EXACTLY as they are before any altering is done. (You don't have to copy sponsorship banner images because the source code gets those from their own web sites.) The html source code of the four sponsorship banners will be between these tags toward the bottom of this page as viewed in notepad:
<!############ BANNER CODES START HERE ############>
<!############### END OF BANNER CODES #############>

3. After copying the four original sponsors banners to your main page, remove the banner code in the FOURTH position on your explode.htm page, move the others down one position and place your banner code in FIRST position between these tags:
<!## Start Of Banner One ##>
<!## End Of Banner One ##>
Try to keep your banner graphic size under 10k. Large graphic files slow down everyone's page.

Make sure your website banner code includes the full url for both the link and the image source so it can be seen properly when copied onto other sites. You'll understand this better when you view the code of your 4 sponsor banners.

A full url displays your banner correctly on other websites:
[A full url would be] <a href=""><img src= ""></a>

A local url displays your banner incorrectly on other websites:
[A local url would be] <a href="guitars.htm"><img src="banner.gif"></a>

Don't alter anything else on this page except the sponsorship banners as instructed after you've saved the four original sponsors to your links or main page. It might be wise to save a back up copy of your original explode.htm before any altering incase you make a mistake.

4. Place the following Banner Explode banner code on your index or front page (or a page with the most traffic) and make sure it links properly to your explode.htm page. This code should work fine, as it is, if explode.htm and explode.gif are in the same directory as the high traffic page you will be inserting this code into on your server. Again, remember that a copy of explode.htm and explode.gif need to be in the same directory together and preferrably it should be the same directory where your index, front page, or highest traffic page is - where you'll display your Banner Explode banner.

Here is an example of the code you can put on your front or index page to display the Banner Explode banner that links to explode.htm - if your index page, explode.htm and explode.gif are all in the same directory:

<! ########## point EXPLODE BANNER to EXPLODE PAGE from index page ######## >
<a HREF="explode.htm">
<img SRC="explode.gif" BORDER="0" WIDTH="468" HEIGHT="60"
alt="Banner Explode-The expotential banner exchange"><br><font size="3">
<b>Free Banner Explode-can put your banner on over 50,000 sites daily</b>
<! ######## END EXPLODE BANNER for index page ###### >

That's It!


You Should Now Have:

1. The Banner Explode banner on your main page linking to your explode.htm page updated with your own site banner in the first position.

2. The four original sponsorship banners displayed on your link page or whatever page you decide.
And let them stay there. That's the whole idea, just as YOUR banner will be displayed on other web sites also. Plus, one of those banner sites was responsible for introducing you to this incredible program in the first place.

The following are the sponsorship banners. Copy and paste them exactly into your links page or main page. Then remove the fourth from your explode.htm page, move the others down and place yours in first position . Remember to use your full url for both your site link and your banner image so they will be displayed properly on other domains.

It should look something like this:
<P ALIGN="center">
<A HREF="">
<IMG SRC="" ALT="Guitar Closet Banner" WIDTH="420" HEIGHT="60" BORDER="0">


Sponsorship Banners:

Books by Bob Furlin - the Smell of Honey, IceCreme, Squirrles, and Atomic Bombs, the love flower
Book Land> Books by Bob Furlin

Guitar Closet: Vintage New & Used Guitars & Music Resources
Guitar Closet: Vintage New & Used Guitars & Music Resources

web design, marketing and website development
Affordable Web Design, Marketing and Website Development

A-Ace window cleaning in Nashville Tennessee
A-Ace Window Cleaning: Best in middle Tennessee

Tip: If you find some websites that seems highly motivated in promotion, email the webmasters and share this opportunity with them. Once they see the potential of this program, their promotion efforts for Banner Explode will go a long way in adding to the branches of your tree.

Good Luck and we can't wait for your BANNER to EXPLODE!!!

Be sure to stop by the site where you got this page and let them know how you are doing.

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