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Lady Dynamite

Lady Dynamite
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Lady Dynamite Lady Dynamite

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Lady Dynamite

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Lady Dynamite traces the life of one wife of the millions of women married to a Coal Miner. She carries the brunt of the hardships and trials of the Coal Mining Family. The story starts in the early part of nineteenth century and goes through to the end of the century. That one life begins in the United States and quickly transitions to northern Italy where she grew to a young lady. Then she came back to the States and to the coal towns to begin a life of a miner’s wife.

The nineteenth century saw many wars, disasters, good times, bad times, a great depression, great leaders, evil leaders, and plagues. Those things shaped and molded Lady Dynamite and all those who survived those times. They developed an independent spirit with backbones of steel and determined to make their country into the greatest super power the world ever knew.

This writer started this work thinking he knew very well the life of the person he was writing about but at the end of the work some of the facts he found surprised him. There were events too personal and not written down to avoid hurt feelings or memories. The saying, “What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas,” applies to those events.

Lady Dynamite may have been small in stature but she was a giant in grit and determination. No problem big or small that she met that she didn’t squarely face. The purpose of this book is not to reveal real or fictional secrets but to capture her spirit and the times she lived through.

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