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Books by Bob Furlin neither do I condemn thee

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‘Neither do I condemn thee...’ was in no way written to build up the writer or to imply that he is of any great importance. The intent is to lead souls into the Kingdom of God.

My prayer is that it will lead one soul to Page 52 and salvation thus fulfilling the time of the Gentiles.

The last Gentile of the Church Age written down in the Lambs Book of Life will usher in seven years of Tribulation followed by the Kingdom Age of a thousand years. The glorious age where Jesus will reign with all the born-again blood washed Saints. Where His Bride, the Shulamite, the Living Church will be with Him forever more.

I did not write ‘Neither do I condemn thee’ as a general biography but as a spiritual biography only highlighting my Spiritual journey and those events that led me to Salvation.

Someone interested in my background or general biography can find the information in my other books.

Ice Crème, Squirrels, and Atomic Bombs is a book of true short stories about events in my life.

The Smell of Honey is a fictional account of my Military life.

Frank Justice Rules the Patch also is fiction and describes the small Coal mining village, my birthplace, and events that occurred there.

For the Lack of a Penny is a true story describing how I dealt with Alzheimer’s disease in both my mother and wife of forty-three years.

If only one soul picks up this work, reads Page 52, and follows the instructions then God has answered my prayers.

Neither do I condemn thee… are the words of Jesus to all who will hear and follow.

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a man a box a change neither do I condemn thee the love flower The Smell of Honey by Bob Furlin NEW BOOK--Ice Creme, Squirrels, and Atomic Bombs by Bob Furlin For the Lack of a Penny Frank Justice Rules the Patch The Honey Revenge
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